• Why random notes?

  • Can anyone join in?
    YES! Random Note Project is something that can be shared by the whole family, however, we recommend parents participate with their children for their safety and to enjoy the fun!

  • What should my notes say?

  • I found a note—now what?

    Either upload it on the Random Note Project website here, on the Facebook page here, or on Instagram @randomnoteproject with the hashtag #randomnoteproject

  • Isn’t this littering?

    Random Note project does not support littering or vandalism of any type. We encourage participants to familiarize themselves with the guidelines established by Leave No Trace (www.lnt.org). For example, please do not place notes in national parks, on private property or businesses, or in any way that is damaging to another person’s property or to the environment. Remember, we’re in this to spread kindness!

  • Can my social group do this together?

    YES! Creating and spreading notes is a great way to bond as a team. Just be sure to put the website link (www.randomnoteproject.com) at the bottom of your notes so we can share them once they are found!

  • Who do I contact for media inquiries?
    Please send an email to hello@randomnoteproject.com